artist statement

My work has been developing towards a very specific and crucial aspect of one’s existence: the everyday life. This encompasses the fear of life and the fear of death, or more precisely of experiencing life and of experiencing its disappearance.
Nowadays, many believe that the only way to exist is by repeating routines to fulfil our lives, avoiding anxiety and stress related to the unknown.

I think of my work as a panoply of actions that together structure a narrative which most of the times aims to be deconstructed through actions that can be triggered by unending games. These schematic actions aim to raise questions about our common ways of living and of experiencing life, providing us with a mirror to face one’s own desires, fears and modus vivendi.

My practice is inspired by everyday life and my own experience with genetic and viral diseases, their potential cures and consequently with death. Engaging with subjects such as the daily domestic life, the surreal the and absurd, subverting and creating realities around human vulnerabilities — life, illness, death and the liquid that connect all of us, blood.
I have been exploring this and presenting my work dealing with this thematic and reflecting about performativity in visual arts. The subject matter of each project determines the media and materials that will be used. Also, each project often consists of multiple works, using a wide range of media — cross-media from video to photography, from writing to aural, and lately through games. Currently I am interested in performance art — “live art” in the sense that Rosalee Goldberg enunciates — using the body as an extension of the used objects as well as the objects being extensions of the body.