artist statement

My work has been developing towards a very specific and crucial aspect of one’s existence: the quotidian life. In current times, many believe that the only way to exist is by repeating routines to fill our lives, avoiding anxieties and stress related to the unknown.

I think of my pieces as a panoply of actions that together structure a narrative which most of the times aims to be deconstructed. Schematic actions which raise questions about our common Western ways of living, providing the viewer with a mirror to face their own desires, fears and modus vivendi. Engaging with subjects such as modern architecture – a living house as a theatre, surreal and absurd, subverting and creating  realities, human vulnerabilities and issues regarding performativity in visual arts.

The subject matter of each piece determines the materials and the line of the work. Each project often consists of multiple works, often in a wide range of media.