A Boneca de Porcelana, a Pequena Amazona e o Opositor Deficiente

photos_Maria Inês Brito
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A Boneca de Porcelana, a Pequena Amazona e o Opositor Deficiente
(The China Doll, The Little Amazon and the Handicap Objector)
Performance | 25’30” | 2017

Action inspired by whichever daily life, an experience of fervent convictions and emotions that often brings together experiences, life fragments, memories and incoherent times. The China Doll, the Little Amazon and the Dysfunctional Opponent, operates on the border between biographical, factual and fictional fragments, dissolving this line as time goes by – from a beginning, passing by the middle until it comes the end of story. Several actions that articulate a story and embellish a death sentence and its mourning.

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