I take my time, I make my space

I take my time, I make my space
text performance | 10’00’’ | 2015

“(…) From the central point of the house, one can spin endlessly with one’s eyes shut, and try to guess at which door to stop: in front of the door to the big room, the living room, the bathroom, the middle room, the creative room, the kitchen or the entrance.

I embodied this space by living within it, and each time I want to accurately remember the space I can reproduce it through steps.
I know how many steps I have to walk from one room to another; I engage in almost a study of my gait, I can measure my space through gait and I can measure my gait through the space.
The different paths inside the space depended on the orientation of the space and the continuous furniture arrangements. The sofa was placed in all possible places, under the window, against the wall facing the door, along the opposite wall beside the door, in the middle of the living room, dividing living room
and dining room… I kept that “tradition” of changing the furniture order, of changing the furniture, of changing the wall colours, of changing the floor…
It is interesting to think about all the changes that have taken place over the years that I have lived in this flat.
A house and a body can be related, in the way that if one gets old, if one gets ill, if a body from a certain age can not rejuvenate itself, the same can also happen with a space, with a house, with a space that hold human beings.
The life of Intimate spaces is a panoply of changes, aging at the same time as the contained body. (…)”

Lara Boticário Morais 2012

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