Memento Mori

Memento Mori
Performance | 40” | 2021 | home

An intimate performance, inspired by daily life, that brings together experiences, memories, inconsequential times, relative time, and ritualistic attempts at healing. “Memento Mori” begins with a journey through a home-space, with a peculiar meal as its central axis, accompanied by specific actions. It breathes and operates on the border between the biographical and the fictional, telling a story of circularity.

Performance by_ Lara Boticário Morais
Artistic Direction_ Lara Boticário Morais
Costume Design_ Filipa Brito
Performers_ Lara Boticário Morais

Memento Mori was funded by the FFC (Fundo de Fomento Cultural – República Portuguesa – Ministério da Cultura)

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