Genius Loci


Genius Loci
Installation | Lara Morais & Noëlle Georg | 2016

This Installation emerged following a number of discussions on individual absence and responsibility. Two artists create a stage within a space, an unoccupied space, accessible only to the voyeur’s gaze, where the idea that it will be or has been occupied, will remain latent.
The scenario was inspired by a short scene from Jean Luc Godard’s “Vivre Sa Vie” (1962), where Nana (Anna Karina) explains how each one is free and responsible for any gesture or emotion one makes or feels, for example, one has the free will to look left or right, to feel sad or happy, to smoke a cigarette, and so forth. We have free will and responsibility for any action taken.
The absence on stage and the responsibility of a gesture are permanent in every look at this scenic space.

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