a Thing

a Thing 
Video | 9’52” | colour | sound

“A Thing” is a representation of a physical space, a space full of experiences and abstract fragments of polychrome memories. The space borders were changed, resulting in a memory transformation, creating a need to physically incorporate a specific and abstract memory.
An Interpretation of the space “home”, represented as a mental map of a lived space. A private space devoid of feelings and transported to a public space, oblivious to a comfort zone. These ephemeral fragments of memories and emotions took the form of gestures (movements, endlessly repeated until they are physically assimilated, replacing the space).
The performers interpretation through their particular and spontaneous gestures, similarly evoke space. Even if the symbiosis of the two performers’ movements enchant the viewer, the act intends to be a unique trace of a private, intimate space within a public space. In its representation there is an alienation of the place where it is performed,  a delicate attempt of marking a territory, as something intimately experienced. The body in action is either surrounded by representative spaces of politico-economic power or by neutral spaces, empty of any kind of political representation, where we can observed a better intimacy between body movement and space.
An attempt  to suppress the urge of returning to a safe haven, a comfort zone itself filled with discomfort, with the audience invading more and more of the privacy.

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