Anonimar | Anonymous

anonimar1anonimar3anonimar4Anonymous (Anonimar) 
18 frames | 97,3×254,4cm | print on Verona paper | slide projection

This project derived from the desire to present ideas concerning the theme, “the hero”. For that purpose, eight artists gathered together and reflected on the subject as a collective.
I wanted to demonstrate a contemporaneous hero, something very deep inside each one of us, proposing a social hero rather than a super hero. I ask some people to send me a piece of a text, a sentence, a poem, something that would be very important to each one, like an individual hero in each text. All the texts were put together as a plain text, respecting the individuality of the each author and the people who sent the text.
I chose to separate the set of texts (plain text), into several equal parts. One part of each individual hero creates one more hero, reinforcing this way the banal idea of the hero concept.  Since most of the chosen authors were male, I decided to make my interpretation of the “represented” hero, using a signature on the opposite side to the text. A stylized image of the statue of David (Michelangelo, 1501) represented by a female shadow.
The idea of not using the set of frames on the wall was precisely to let the spectator observe the two sides of the work, of the hero or heroes. In the so-called post-modern societies, many of the ideologies from modernism fell apart and in our days we live in a time mostly characterized by a general skepticism than by a deep belief in former ideologies. My proposal is that the hero of our times, wouldn’t meet the stereotype of the super powers, but would rather be a human hero, the unknown hero or anti-hero of everyday life.

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