nice place

nice placenice place-still
nice place
video | color | sound | 2’15’’ | 2005 

Inside every city the anti-city springs forth, with its non-architecture and anti-urban planning. We are left with the question: why this ever-growing adherence to the anti-city? Shouldn’t the all-encompassing development that defines globalisation avoid this tendency?
Population growth, the reckless entrepreneurship of real-estate agents, the destruction of public spaces, all these elements lead to the proliferation of private condos and housing ghettos, inside or outside the city.
A great conflict of interests stands behind our national land-use planning. Some individuals like to take decisions in a slightly arbitrary way, despising environmental needs and creating a poor, degraded and vulnerable territory.
We are forced to inhabit places designed for the middles classes’ comfort requirements; on the other hand, it is obvious that the money issue is sometimes more important than any municipal plan. The work shows us a bit of that real-estate ambiguity that makes it possible to sell every conceivable places, be they pleasant (near the ocean) or unpleasant (in the suburbs, in absurd locations).

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