arte como serviço

arte como serviço | art as a service
site specific | screen-printing on paper bags | 2005

In a time where consumerism commands people’s lives, the construction of large commercial areas increases substantially, in such a way that these become street-patterned spaces where every kind of goods can be found. As a result, traditional commerce as disappeared with the passing years.
The neighborhood where the intervention was developed has a historical past centered around commerce – for several years it served as the location for Feira da Ladra (Lisbon’s traditional flea market) and still hosts some traditional commerce spaces, even though the proliferation of large consuming areas is obvious. For these reasons I’ve chosen to work on the subject of consumerism vs. publicity.
My goal was not to promote traditional commerce, but to use it as a means to show that everything around us drives us towards the purchase of goods. My action was simple: I provided the local clients with silk printed paper bags, depicting the main street with its people and buildings. In front of the supermarket, in the same quarter, I put up a sign that showed stacked paper bags with no apparent use.
Publicity has always the same goal; it works in an immediate basis, one campaign being substituted by another, in an ever-going search for a change in tactics.

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