golden thoughts

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golden thoughts
video | colour | sound | loop | 2009

A One-minute video, featuring a repetitive action, which is somewhat absurd and deviates from the so-called, normality.
A female character wearing red shoes and a man’s suit continuously repeats the same action until there is a sudden cut. One notes that the character represents a personality which it simply does not fit into.  The backdrop is a black and white floor, similar to a chessboard, a hierarchical game of strategy and power, where power can be questioned.
The whole setting reflects the idea of a strange children’s game: the plot, the suit, the floor pattern and the golden box with which the character plays. Even though it is her toy, it contains all her thoughts that cannot be revealed/released, contrarily to the discipline instilled in her upbringing always viewing her integration in society. Although, “(…) we need to take into account that any explanation of human behaviour must involve reference to irreducible intentional entities such as “beliefs” and “desires”, since expectations and preferences are what guide human decision making in a wide range social activities, such as politics and economics.”, the preferences, the expectations our upbringing is somewhat formatted with the objective of integrating us in a society still
ruled today by the male sex, by the political and economic power, by a hierarchical formula which is presented to us at a very tender age and in which we learn to socialize.

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