Spherically in multiple directions


Spherically in multiple directions
Act I – Black on White
Act II – (Dis)Order
Act III – The will of the impossible
Video performance | 27´56´´| colour | sound | 2014 | Espaço Mira

Performance by_ Lara Boticário Morais
Artistic Direction_ Lara Boticário Morais & Filipa Brito
Costume Design_ Filipa Brito
Performers_ Lara Boticário Morais, Filipa Brito, K. Mayumi

Three acts, several absurd games and a story without a defined end. The project started based upon a publication, “To the North, South, East and West, nothing. The curtain falls. End of Act One.” (2012) Through a natural separation, it’s now a new work, an appropriation of the central narrative, a fragment, where one can find three games. These games were created to be included in the publication’s main narrative, inspired by specific fragments from the space’s history summarised and transferred to another history/story to be told in three acts.

The action starts with a negotiation within a game (Act I), with no conclusion. Both parts give up because there is no way out of the game – a strategy game to nowhere. It continues with two games (Acts II & III) and ends after exhaustion in a continuation for something else.

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